빠바 유형독해 Part1-2 원문TEXT와 분석자료 소개


빠바 유형독해 Part1-2 원문TEXT와 분석자료 소개

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기출예제 1

다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은?

In our efforts to be the good child, the uncomplaining employee, or the cooperative patient, many of us fall into the trap of trying to please people by going along with whatever they want us to do. At times, we lose track of our own boundaries and needs, and the cost of this could be our life both symbolically and literally. When we are unable to set healthy limits, it causes distress in our relationships. But when we learn to say no to what we don’t feel like doing in order to say yes to our true self, we feel empowered, and our relationships with others improve. So don’t be afraid to say no. Try to catch yourself in the moment and use your true voice to say what you really want to say.


난관을 극복할 성취감이 생긴다.

항상 타인의 입장을 먼저 고려해야 한다.

자신이 원하지 않는 일은 거절할 필요가 있다.

자신의 의견을 고집하면 대인 관계가 악화된다.

제안을 승낙하기 전에는 의도를 파악해야 한다.



기출예제 2

다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은?

We all have set patterns in life. We like to label ourselves as this or that and are quite proud of our opinions and beliefs. We all like to read a particular newspaper, watch the same sorts of TV programs or movies, go to the same sort of shops every time, eat the sort of food that suits us, and wear the same type of clothes. And all this is fine. But if we cut ourselves off from all other possibilities, we become boring, rigid, hardened—and thus likely to get knocked about a bit. You have to see life as a series of adventures. Each adventure is a chance to have fun, learn something, explore the world, expand your circle of friends and experience, and broaden your horizons. Shutting down to adventure means exactly that—you are shut down.


반복되는 경험 속에서 인생의 의미를 발견하라.

도전하기 전에 실패의 가능성을 신중하게 생각하라.

정해진 일상에 안주하기보다 삶에서 모험을 시도하라.

타인의 삶의 방식을 수용하고 인정하는 자세를 지녀라.

결단을 실천으로 옮기는 속에서 즐거움을 발견하라.


1 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은?

Educating children about not being rude is an important part of their upbringing. But this type of teaching often focuses on influencing the children’s behavior rather than changing what is in their hearts. Parents usually teach them on how their bad behavior will affect them. “If you run in the hall,” we tell them, “you will hurt yourself.” However, this is not the proper way to teach good manners to our children. It doesn’t help them understand how others are personally affected by their behavior, so it won’t make them become better people. Instead of focusing on what might happen to children if they run in the hall, we should tell them how it makes others feel. This gives them another reason to improve their behavior. Unless we teach children the responsibilities of living in a society, we aren’t truly educating them.


예의는 어린 시절부터의 습관을 통해 형성된다.

아이들에게 예의를 가르칠 때는 적절한 상벌이 필요하다.

부모가 본보기를 보여야 아이들이 예의 바른 행동을 하게 된다.

아이들이 타인을 배려하는 법을 스스로 깨우치게 하는 것이 바람직하다.

아이들에게 자신의 행동이 타인에게 어떤 영향을 미치는지 가르치는 것이 좋다.


2 다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은?

Sport hunting is a recreational activity that involves the killing of animals. It is often a form of tourism, as some people enjoy traveling to other countries in order to hunt the wildlife there. In some situations, environmental groups actually support closely regulated sport hunting, arguing that it can help protect the balance of a region’s biological diversity. Unfortunately, this is seldom effective. Hunters search for the biggest, strongest animals to kill, which weakens the genetic strength of the overall population. We must leave hunting to natural predators, since they have the opposite effect—by killing weak or sick prey, they actually improve the species’ genetic quality. Although we should continue to encourage true wildlife tourism, this does not include sport hunting. It is simply not an acceptable way of preserving our planet’s wildlife.


스포츠 사냥을 지지하는 동물 보호 단체에 제재를 가해야 한다.

생물학적 다양성의 균형을 위해 일부 포식 동물을 포획해야 한다.

야생동물 관광을 허용하더라도 스포츠 사냥은 전면 금지해야 한다.

스포츠 사냥은 그것이 법적으로 허용된 국가 내에서만 이루어져야 한다.

약한 동물 종을 보호하기 위해 스포츠 사냥을 제한적으로 허용해야 한다.



3 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은?

Heat waves, floods, and droughts are becoming more and more commonplace. As most experts agree, this is due to climate change caused by carbon emissions, so now is the time for businesses to start investing in low-carbon alternatives. However, there are considerable objections to [this idea]. Many people assert that because this would be too costly, we should continue operating in traditional ways. They argue that continuing business as usual is the cheaper option. However, the US agricultural industry was recently hit hard by a drought, which caused billions of dollars in losses. If we don’t take action, this will happen again and the cost will be even more devastating. By investing in energy-efficient technology, we can prevent this kind of disaster while also creating new jobs, stabilizing the economy, and protecting the planet.


자연재해로 인한 피해 보상의 규모가 갈수록 커지고 있다.

기업들은 비용 절감을 위한 생산 방식 변화의 기로에 놓여 있다.

환경 보호를 위해 기업의 생산 활동을 제한하는 것은 불가능하다.

기업들은 탄소 배출물을 줄이는 저탄소 기술에 투자할 필요가 있다.

정부가 새로운 일자리를 창출하여 경제를 안정시키는 것이 중요하다.


서술형 윗글의 네모 안의 this idea 가리키는 것을 찾아 우리말로 쓰시오. 


4 다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은?

We each have a natural fountain of ideas in our mind, which we can use to create. Some people like to call it the “idea spring.” This spring of creativity brings ideas deep in our minds up to the surface, and we all need to feed the spring and care for its environment. If we don’t, it may dry up or become toxic. Therefore, you should make time once a week to do something in order to ensure that your spring remains active and that you stay full of ideas. You can visit an art gallery or find a quiet place in nature to meditate. It is important for you to do it by yourself so that you can avoid the complexity of your social life and simply take in the joy of the activity. This is your weekly “art outing,” when you spend part of the day enjoying new ideas.


창의력을 기르기 위해 다양한 사교 모임에 참여해야 한다.

내재된 아이디어를 효과적으로 표현하는 방법을 배워야 한다.

주기적으로 외부 활동을 함으로써 신체 건강을 유지해야 한다.

창의력을 기르기 위한 개인적인 시간을 정기적으로 가져야 한다.

창의력을 유지하기 위해서는 주변 환경을 아름답게 조성해야 한다.


5 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은?

Although many people believe otherwise, most developing countries performed better before free-market policies were introduced. Previously, development efforts were led by the government. This sometimes ended in failure, but overall growth was faster in those days. Despite this, developed countries continue to urge developing countries to adopt free-market policies. Another incorrect belief is that the developed countries became rich because of these free-market policies. In fact, almost every rich country in the modern world obtained its wealth by protecting its industries from foreign competition and providing these industries with financial aid. These are the exact policies that developing countries are now being advised to avoid. Meanwhile, the policies they are being encouraged to pursue are unlikely to make them wealthy.


정부 주도하의 경제 정책은 개발도상국에 악영향을 미친다.

선진국의 보호주의 정책이 세계 경제의 불균형을 가져왔다.

자유 시장 정책은 개발도상국을 부유하게 만들어 주지 않을 것이다.

개발도상국은 선진국의 경제 개발 모델을 그대로 수용해서는 된다.

자유 시장 경제 체제에서 가장 중요한 것은 국가의 개입을 최소화하는 것이다.


6 다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은?

From a political perspective, hostage situations are horrifying events, primarily because they paralyze governments and make them powerless to act. Knowing that captives’ lives lie in the balance, politicians may be tempted to negotiate with hostage takers. It might seem like the only possible option, but this must be avoided at all costs. By giving in to terrorists, politicians set a precedent that suggests to other terrorists that the taking of hostages may enable them to succeed in their goals. Paying money to hostage takers practically ensures that this fund-raising method will be attempted again. It is essential that governments take a firm stance on this issue to demonstrate that under no circumstances do hostage taking work.


무리한 인질 구출 작전을 지양해야 한다.

정부는 인질범과 협상을 하지 말아야 한다.

인질범과의 협상은 전문가를 통해서 해야 한다.

인질범과의 협상 충분한 논의를 거쳐야 한다.

대외 이미지를 위해 인질극을 조속히 해결해야 한다.



윗글의 밑줄   ~ , 어법상 틀린 것은?



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